Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mr Popular

Someone please tell me why this is one of the most sought after hunter riders in a breed specific organization because I cannot find a reason on my own. I have seen this rider several times in the ring, live in action. 90% of the time over fences this is their position. The only thing that I've seen that they do differently at other fences, is to pinch with their knees and allow the leg to slide back . The heel is almost never down and they spur entirely too much. Roached back and close to a left side duck is usual performance from this rider. Leaning on the neck with no visible explanation for a release is also common from this rider. His eyes follow the rails as they go over them and again, that's par for the course from this rider. You will never, ever, ever see gloves on this rider.
With all that said, I'm still wondering why this is one of the most sought after riders in a breed specific organization? His position forces the horse to hang horribly in the front while making up for his weight being thrown over the shoulder but with an unforgiving hand. I don't understand it. I really don't. This is one of those things that just stump me. In front of me I find the horses losing good to excellent form over fences as victims of the rider. Yet he continues to catch ride on some of the best of the best. The trainers don't see it I suppose; the judges keep rewarding it; and it utterly astounds me. I guess this is one reason for my next post. This type of riding should not be regarded as a standard nor rewarded as outstanding. I just don't get it.
This is a rider which I have seen 'live' several times and not someone I'm just simply picking apart for any personal reason. I do not personally know this rider. I only know their riding ability and the fact that they are much sought after as a catch rider. It's just my opinion so please feel free to jump in and correct me. I know a ton of riders who are much better that would catch ride for free just for the shot at riding something great. Why this rider?

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  1. yikes. i don't know who that is, but i can think of several 'top' a-circuit hunter riders who look EXACTLY like that. and the horses' performances suffer for it, but the judges never seem to notice anything wrong... (like the horses cutting down at the back of the jump or landing deep into the line and getting flat and strung out, etc...) i don't get it either. maybe they win because the judges are rewarding the talented and honest horses who are able to perform despite their horrific riders! ;-) i know that's what i think when i see their horses on course: 'wow, that MUST be a nice horse to still be able to make it around without falling down or ditching the rider and making a run for it.'


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