Thursday, December 17, 2009

I can finally sleep!

I would like to preface this post with an apology for my absence. I so hope and pray for all to have a great holiday season and a safe show season as well.

Now here is a short synopsis of what I have been doing lately and I would like to impose on everyone to please pass this story around as much as possible. Go to click on our horses, then rehab and read the story of ladybug. Donate through paypal or snail mail if you are able and please sign the guestbook. The owner of this horse actually had the nerve to sign the guestbook, her name is Amber and you'll see her entry there.

The picture is after the mare was finally negotiated away from this neglectful hoarder and her ear was removed. Notice her weight also

Finally....12 DAYS after this mare was attacked by dogs and the owner did nothing....yesterday the mare was finally saved. I tried buying her, bribing this crazy woman, anything to get that horse away from her. I have had people tell me to leave this woman and her beloved horse alone......I saw the mare for the first time on Dec 11, the attack happened supposedly Dec 3 and Dec 14 along with some law enforcement, the mare was brought to a safe haven and is getting medical attention. She lost the ear and this picture is the least gory one so I didn't make anyone sick.....I'm just on cloud nine because I just spent an hour with the mare!!! The owner actually said she would only let the mare go if I never saw the mare or had anything to do with her.....what a freakin' moronic woman!!! This mare got out but that lady still has more horses just as thin AND a dozen or so skinny dogs still on her property. I have not slept in days working on getting this terrorist holding the mare hostage to let her go. At one point she almost sold me the mare for $300 then upped it to $500, then it was a thousand as of Monday. When I went to viisit the mare, I gave the rescue where she is, the $300 and I'm going to see again on Friday and hopefully I can raise some more money for her care. If anyone has even a dollar to send please go to and donate through paypal and or snail mail. I want to rename the mare..her former owner called her ladybug and she's got way too much heart and just so sweet....I like Angelica but not sure. Anyone with fundraiser ideas, let me know.

I'm going back tomorrow, Dec 18 and taking a friend who is donating also. She's close enough that she wanted to meet the mare and she was also very helpful with dealing with the county officials of Dixie County Florida.
God bless everyone this holiday season. Safe rides and I hope to have an update. I know my blog is about judging horse shows and at the shows we never see things like this. This is my first time dealing with such low life horse owners and such a neglected pitiful animal. If all you can do is sign their guestbook and follow the story as it is chronicled there, that is greatly appreciated too. You can also cross post this to anyone and if someone can get it on Fugly, please do. If you're blog is not of this topic, consider posting it anyway. I'll give the mare a thousand hugs for everyone who is praying and sending her cyber well wishes!  Remember, read her story under rehab horses and please, SIGN the guestbook and tell 'em I sent ya! If you can donate, that is hugely appreciated. Everything, even notes are greatly appreciated and all are read.
PS I want to rename the mare Angelica and I hope she will eventually live on my little farm here with my big one eyed thoroughbred, my 42 yo paint and my baby of 10, Belle.


  1. Eee gads... that's one helluva intro for you to low life jagoffs. Kudos for your persistence in getting her out of harm's way, and we'll hope she does wind up with you in good time.

    As to the rest of the animals, FUGLY might be your best bet. Media attention- lots of it, persistently may also help. Police reports, signed complaints at the department will help too I think. I'd start by taking this to the papers- gory pictures and all- and getting lots of local attention.

    You can also email a friend of mine, Cheryl. She runs here in GA. Cheryl knows a lot of people, and ins and outs in rescue. Her email is

    Good luck with your new girl!

  2. Post up on my blog. Hope it helps some.

  3. This is very tragic. I am so heartbroken for that horse!! Thank goodness there are people out there like you to help these animals!!
    That woman shouldn't be allowed to have any animals, EVER!!
    I will definitely be keeping you and Angelica in my thoughts and prayers!!

  4. I'm going to link from my blog... hope it'll help get the word out.

    If you're looking for name suggestions may I put forth Ella, short for Elefteria (which means Freedom)

  5. Very sad story indeed. Just makes me sick thinking of the horses out there (and other animals, too) that are so neglected and helpless. The mare does deserve a second chance on life and a new name! I'm glad you are trying to give her a new home!!

  6. Trotted over here from CDNCowgirl's blog after reading about the situation. I also left a comment on the rescue's guest book, too. What a horific ordeal that poor sweet mare has gone through.

    Kudos to you for keeping your eyes and ears open and making a huge difference for this mare. She has the sweetest, kindest eyes. She probably didn't even try to fight off or run away from those dogs.
    How she could be neglected in such a horrible way is just beyond me.


  7. I am horrified and disgusted...I don't understand how people can be so cruel. Thank goodness you got involved and found a way to help rescue this sweet girl and get her to a safe refuge. I will go read and see if there is anything I can do to offer support. Thank you for what you have done to help her.
    Many hugs your way,
    Sue and the Flowers at Dream Valley Ranch

  8. I followed from Fugs. What a sad, strange tale. I hope things work out the best for this mare and that her happy days are coming.

  9. We got a horse from Beauty's Haven. They do an amazing job with these down and out horses, I recommend supporting them. They have many lovely horses for adoption too!

  10. I recently started reading the fugly horse site and read/saw the photos of this mare. Words escape me. I can't fanthom how a person who claims to care about animals would allow this to happen and then - to not help/treat the injuries. Unbelievable! Good to know the mare is now in a place of compassion and caring.

    Sandy, located in the far frozen north, Alaska

  11. Summerhorse, I too have a gelding that we adopted from Beauty's Haven. We've had him 3 years and he's just a doll! I would like to do a blog on adopting from the rescues as not all horses at these places are JUST companion animals. Our gelding has been trained for hunters, not yet a suitable equitation horse but he's coming along.

  12. I hope the mare never gets into this bloggers hands...

  13. 531371....And why is that? She didn't quit until the mare was out of harm's way? Because you are actually Amber Hyder and just mad that so many won't put up with your abuse and neglect of beautiful animals?
    This blogger made your former horse a beautiful fleece sheet which she wears proudly in the picture posted on a different post. This blogger has given over $700 in donations towards the rescue for your former horses' vet bills. This blogger has started a webstore where I will make everything at cost and 100% of the proceeds above cost goes to Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue. That same store that you used to send silly messages to me from but have since been removed from. I'm not going to delete your remark here. Everytime you write something, you make no sense or incriminate yourself further so please, let all of us know what is in your head spinning around aimlessly.

  14. $700 should be going towards fixing up your facility....your poor horses don't even have any grass to eat.

  15. i dont know who u people think u are but anber tryed to help that mare and u all act like she is the one that done this
    but u are all wrong
    the lady that gave her this mare
    didnt know what to do with the mare
    amber was trying to get help and you all truned it around on her


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