Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The highest and lowest of 2011

The low point of 2011 was, by far, losing my 43 year old paint, Riffraff. I miss his loud alpha personality; I miss making him soup; I miss him cantering into the barn to eat and I miss him always being there, always. As we are experiencing a very cold snap here in Florida, I am happy to say, Riffys' blanket now belongs to his longtime friend and paddock mate, Miss Flower. She will have a big warm hug from Riffy every time it is cold. She is lucky and Riff would have wanted it that way. RIP Riffraff 1968 - 2011

The high point of 2011 was again, by far, the birth of my grandson, Bentley Michael. Ironic that it is the opposite of my lowest point in of life and all that stuff. Bentley brings us all much joy and he's my first grand baby. I'm a Granny and that is good, very good. Welcome Bentley Michael! 

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