Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Prep

As another weekend is upon us and another billion shows get ready for their exhibitors, I pack my day bag for 2 open hunter shows. I like to be prepared for anything but if I know the venue(s) I'll be judging at, I pack just for that location. In my bag always
  • various pens, various colors for my own entertainment and always with rubber grip
  • chapstick
  • my own preferred cards for marking rounds
  • cell phone on vibrate
  • brimmed hat & emergency visor
  • cough drops
  • headache medication of choice, just in case
  • compact telescoping umbrella (for those venues who provide no shade & rain of course)
  • small towel for those hot days; can also be used for neck warmer if cold
  • sketch pad (for shows who allow way too much time for trainer/rider/horse conflicts & lateness)
  • rule books for the appropriate show (always USEF, AQHA and then as needed APHA, WPSA, etc)
  • small digital voice recorder - for notes, thoughts, etc
  • bug spray
  • high SPF sun blocker
  • gloves (in case it gets cold)
  • ear buds and walkie talkie (in case the show doesn't have enough, I need access to the manager, secretary, gate person, etc)
  • batteries for above
  • whistle (for jumper classes w/ broken or no buzzer, I'm not using one that the show provides - who knows where it's been)
  • stopwatch (for jumper classes with broken or no reliable timers & second backup plan)
  • digital camera for snapping interesting observations of normal, inadequate or outrageous performances in & out of the ring
  • neck lanyard for holding any issued ID that may be required
  • and I always check with a website or secretary, for those shows with their own extra rules and descriptions of classes
Seems like a lot? Well it is I suppose but as a judge of many disciplines, traveling through many states, I find it better to be ready for almost anything.
For those going to show this weekend...... do your best; try your hardest; have fun & smile; learn something new; improve on the old; wear your helmet and be safe!!
Show Tip: I always prefer to see gloves worn in equitation classes. It gives a polished look and can detract from your boots if in fact you forgot to polish them!

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  1. Hullo there! Nice to see you over at my place! Love the Cheshire(sp?)cat.
    I will enjoy coming here, have not shown in many moons but someday hope to.
    You have a good show...very well prepared you are!
    KacyK w/Washashe mare


I am just one judge with one judge's opinion. Almost all of the classes I judge are based on the rules of USEF & AQHA. Judging a horse show is very subjective to the interpretation of the rules. Please keep this in mind when commenting.