Monday, September 14, 2009

When offerred a job, judging at any venue...

...... there are things that I consider for comfort value only.  After judging tons of shows, I know most all of the venues' good and bad points. Shows pop up everywhere there is an interest. Venues built just for shows, private farms, public stables, hay fields and backyards. One big thing I take into account is the restroom facility. If it's a big blue plastic closet, I know I'll have to go into dehydration mode for that show or book another show. I hate porta potties!
 Here's a few suggestions to any shows using porta potties.
  • Ask your members to waive their year end awards in lieu of a septic and well.
  • Solicit sponsors and membership from local plumbing contractors; home supply companies that sell plumbing supplies, tractor and excavation equipment rental, well and septic companies, etc. Once you get them in the door as a member, exploit their access to any service or item to build that septic & well. They most likely will not like porta potties either. If they don't ride or have any interest in the horse show business, just ask them for a monetary donation. Make a big deal about helping to promote them to your members (i.e. banners, announcements, printed materials, etc). If $25 is all they'll chip in, take it and find a more generous plumbing supplier. Treat them like royalty and complain alot about the expense of porta potty maintenance and rental fees. If those subtle hints are not enough to nudge them in the right direction, get a bullhorn and just upfront ask for whatever they can do to help get rid of the blue plastic closet.
  • Charge a dollar usage fee for the plastic blue closet! You could just list your office fee as a porta potty fee. That might also generate future donations to build a real restroom. Even if it has only one toilet, one sink and is unisex. It will inherently increase the club's assets and spectators, exhibitors, volunteers, members, parents and the judges will thank you from the bottom of their ..... uh.....heart.

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