Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year ... Well 2 digits later

First off I must apologize. I have not only been absent from this blog which I truly enjoyed starting and getting up and running. I love judging horse shows, hell I love horse shows! I love to show. I love to manage and plan and promote and announce and pass out ribbons and check entries..... I love horse shows! I love everything about them. The most rewarding part of a horse show for me now is judging them. Yet, for all the passion that I have for horse shows, I allowed my blog to become a part of the muck and mire that is so far removed from horse shows, we seldom, if ever see this side in a ring. I didn't allow my BLOG, I allowed myself to banter and bicker over this horse that tore me up when I first laid eyes on her. For the record, she is doing fantastic and still looking for her forever home. Please check out for more information.
I would like to go forward again with your questions and be a part of the insight on the subjective side of horse show judging as it is in some disciplines and possibly shed more 'black and white' light on inquiries that could be answered deep within a rule book somewhere you may not have known about.
So it is with great humility that I ask for a new following; some old, some new, some borrowed, and of course, some with a blue! I promise to keep myself on point for the topic of the blog in general. Comments for the most part will be left unedited unless in violation of blogger rules of course. I am, however, going to leave the bickering and bantering posts published. It is what it is and if one person learns from it, it has served a purpose.
On to 2011 and horse shows anew! Send me your topics, questions and anything you would like to ask about horse shows and the judging process. I'm thinking I may post on the topic of how someone becomes a judge in different disciplines and how to start the process of obtaining judges' cards. I do have a seminar to attend coming up in a few months. That might be a good place to start this blog over!


  1. Hey there FH2! Happy New Year to you!! I'll still be around ;) Even though I dont show, (shoot right now we arent even owned by a horse,) I still enjoy reading about the ins and outs of the show ring.

    Hope 2011 is amazing for you!!


I am just one judge with one judge's opinion. Almost all of the classes I judge are based on the rules of USEF & AQHA. Judging a horse show is very subjective to the interpretation of the rules. Please keep this in mind when commenting.