Thursday, November 24, 2011


Of course it's cliche and redundant but I have to say I'm thankful for....
My even keel rock of a husband, Capt Dan
My beautiful daughter, Sabrina
My new 2 month old grandson, Bentley
My one eyed wonder horse, Private Eye (PI)
My redheaded sometimes nightMare, Scotch Pine Zip (Belle)
My always quirky, always green Knight Flight (Jack)
My graceful, lovely pony, Le Petite Rose (Rose)
My aging but still a jumping bean purebred black dog, Dollimama
My serious and always on guard purebred black dog, Bear
My sweet and ever mannerly purebred Jackita (Jack Russell/Akita) Chloe
My ever thankful Pidesian (Pitbull/Rhodisian Ridgeback) Teddi
All of the experiences in life that led me to this point.
It may be cliche and redundant but I'm not sure I ever wrote it out like this.....
And thank you for reading my blog. Send me your questions or post them in comments and I will gladly help to answer them.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and to those in other countries, have a fantastic day!!

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