Friday, January 15, 2010

Amber Hyder's Comments to Me

After using the guestbook at Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue's website to post disparaging remarks about both the rescue and myself and then attempting to disrupt the webstore sales site that I set up to raise money for Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue, Amber Hyder has now taken it upon herself to try to intimidate me on my own blog. I guess the fuss over at Fugly's was not enough for her.

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People need to stop seeing this blogger as a "godly" person! The only REASON why she is working at BHFER is so she can get that horse on her piece of trash property! Yall are seriously stupid for believing this psychotic woman! She doesn't need to have another horse in her hands- seriously.
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$700 should be going towards fixing up your facility....your poor horses don't even have any grass to eat.
I think I need to clarify this once again, I do not WORK for anyone. I am a retired FAA air traffic controller who judges' horse shows.

I donated a beautiful bronze sculpture to Beauty's Haven which they recently auctioned off for $153. I do not have unlimited funds to give them although I donate what I can and help raise money for them. They are also a hard working family that takes very good care of so many horses including Amber Hyder's former horse. Everything I do for Beauty's Haven, I recieve no tangible items in return. I do however recieve the best intangible gift there is, the unconditional love from the horses that have been forgotten, unwanted, abused, neglected but still allow us to touch them, fix part of them that can be fixed. That is what I recieve for my 'work'. For now, that is my job. I have already adopted one horse from Beauty's Haven, fostered and trained one that was adopted out to be a great trail horse and raised much needed funds that they need to continue their work. I wanted to clarify that so that no one is under the assumption that I am compensated in any way tangible from any rescue organziation which I volunteer.

As for my horses, you are correct. It is winter, my farm is not big and our grass has gone dormant. January, the calendar says. I own a 42 year old APHA brown and white tobiano gelding. He has many ailments but wants for nothing. He could stand in a 100 acre pasture up  to his croup and starve to death as he has no teeth and consumes everything from specially made soup.
 I own a 22 year old thoroughbred with one eye. He raced two starts at Pimlico before shipping home to Virginia as he had lost the eye after his second start. He was retired and left to grow up until he was almost 4. One of the greatest and most vocal jumper trainers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, saw the talent in this one eyed young horse. Mike Rowe trained Private Eye and he became a much loved and winning jumper.
 I cannot forget to mention Belle. Belle is not lacking in the weight department. I find when I've been around the rescues and seen some new ones come in or large seizures such that the Horse Protection Association of Florida had this past Thanksgiving 09 of 56 starving thoroughbreds, that I come home and I guess to compensate for those with nothing to eat, I overfeed mine. That's usually about the time I put peanut butter on the milk bones for the dogs too! Oh but I digress.
I have also worked fundraising and have helped some satellite foster homes associated with the Horse Protection Association of Florida which is another great and well respected equine rescue here in Central Florida. Again, that time is volunteer time, I'm not employed by them and I recieve no renumeration whatsoever for my volunteer time.
As for another horse? Wow, with mine and my daughter's 2, one of which is the gelding we adopted from Beauty's Haven THREE years ago before I ever knew that Amber Hyder or the horse that she neglected even existed, I have plenty. I'm not in the market for another horse. So I won't getting any more horses probably my entire life. I am not a young person and I would not wish for my animals to be a burden to someone else when I leave this earth. I'm sure Lady Angelica will find a great home and I will help Beauty's Haven with her medical bills and continue to find ways to raise money for them so they may continue to pick up the pieces of these broken lives and put them back together the best they can (why didn't Amber give Beauty's Haven the money that caring people sent to her after she solicited money openly on a public forum and stated she had recieved for the care of Lady?) I did think of adopting her but that was before I realized this old mare with one ear is so sweet and loving that I believe we can find her a caring and loving permanent home. She may even have the disposition and temperament to be a therapeutic horse and we have three of those great facilities around our county also.
As for Amber Hyder's attempts to sabotage the fundraising webstore for the rescue, leaving disparaging remarks on a blog or guestbook, threatening to sue me for slander (in Florida that falls under the defamation law and you have to actually work to lose money, Amber), for all those threats, she still has yet to answer any inquiries that have been asked of her.
Really, Amber, no one has yet to believe your story but as we go on with this, so does it keep Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue in the forethought of charitable donors around the globe. Despite her efforts to discredit me, we have already recieved five paid orders from the Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue Boutique! Thank you to everyone! Even a kind thought or forwarding of the website to others helps out and so far I've found everyone here and on Friends of Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue on facebook has really done well in only 12 hours since launch!

One speical note I'd like to add.....this is for one person ...... I won't forget what lives to the west of here. If you stand by someone who would do so much harm to one innocent horse, what can this say about you? Maybe it says what everyone else has said. Hash browns burn easily if you leave the frying pan over the fire.


  1. I stand 100% behind Amber- no matter what you blab to everyone that believes your so "good", no matter what, I believe her and others about what REALLY went on.

    Your grass is dormant? Well I guess you actually had the time to clean up your facility and get grass in your deep sand boxes? Oh, did you blame any of your horses for stepping on nails or was just that because you're jealous of other peoples' horses that you could never own?

    FYI- I do have a student that goes to BHFER, and she would never say a bad word about me or my horse, and I doubt she will believe you because she knows your story.

  2. Ashley Ballien, In your long 19 years on this earth, what you say must be true. But what have you said? What is it that is Amber's story? She picked up her horse injured and didn't treat it for nine days by her own photo and public admission. An animal control officer was involved in turning the horse over to BHFER. What did Amber do for that mare? Besides letting her ear rot off? Keep the light on the rescue. Your good! Keeps those donations up!
    Oh, stepping on nails? What the hell are you talking about? And I'm NOT jealous of your old arthritic gelding that I supported for two months for you for free and then you terminated the lease but wanted me to continue caring for him.
    So if your student goes to BHFER I'm assuming to volunteer, what story is behind the mare with an amputated ear? Why have none of you bought anything to help with donations? Why did Amber take donations for the mare but as she was ranting and raving in the driveway at the rescue and animal control officers as they loaded the mare onto the trailer to take her to safety, did she not give those donations to Beauty's Haven? You just keep calling me a liar. How did that mare end up in her condition underweight with a hole to the tendons over her eye? Why didn't I see you at Amber's when I drove 2 hours up there to see if the whole thing was true? Have you seen the mare? Did you see her or smell her rotting puss and blood filled head wear the scald literally burned the hair from the side of her face before or when she first was saved? You stand behind Amber all day long. But you cannot look at that mare and not know that someone neglected her. Since the mare was with Amber by her own public admission and photos from the day after the attack until 12 days later when she finally got out to safety and a vet didn't lay eyes on her until 9 days after that attack, how is Amber not at fault? How is that not neglect? You want to post about standing behind her? Please, everyone is anxiously awaiting the 'real' story. Go ahead post away! Those 19 years of knowledge and wisdom are about to explode I'm sure.

  3. Ive spoken to Ladybug's owner many of times, and she understood why I couldn't make it up there. Maybe it's because I do have other priorities besides sitting on my butt all day. We're a good 2.5-3 hr drive from her place, I was going to meet her 1/2 way to give donations, but Ladybug was sent to BHFER.

    Oh, stepping on nails? What the hell are you talking about? And I'm NOT jealous of your old arthritic gelding that I supported for two months for you for free and then you terminated the lease but wanted me to continue caring for him."
    From your email:" I stepped on the nails, I've had laryngitis and yesterday collapsed in the barn cleaning his stall." You're the one that complained about falling in HIS stall and everything else that I finally saw that you were using me and my horse.

    Old arthritic gelding? YOU have two under your authority. How would you know that he has arthritis anyways?

    Are you FREAKING kidding me, that my student, has bought nothing for BHFER? She goes up there to volunteer, runs errands and picks up feed/hay for them. I believe that's more than enough.

    I still support Amber 100%. Once something doesn't go YOUR WAY, then you throw a hissy fit about it and b**ch the other person in the situation out. You did it to me, and you did it to Amber.

  4. Yes, I did step on nails but that was me not my horses as you implied. Only my 42 year registered paint gelding has arthritis, oh and so do I. What did I use you and your horse for? I did nothing but take care of him so it must have been for something to do. You still aren't telling us what the real story is. I never said anything about your student not doing anything as I don't even know your student. If you want to take up a cause you really should take up a cause with more merit. Lady was NOT turned over to BHFER. An animal control officer had to be present and Amber was told the mare left that night regardless of how she ranted about the size of BHFER's trailer being too small. Yes, I throw a hissy fit when I see a horse as neglected as the one in the picture. So what is that story of how that mare lost her ear again? You said you knew the truth. I was there, you weren't but since you know the truth go ahead and tell us. OH and I never bitched Amber out. I was cordial and drove her even farther into the stix so that she could go with a friend to a horse sale back down here in Ocala leaving the mare with family and an open rotting wound, for 2 days more. If she just wanted to give the horse to a rescue, then why is she keeping all the others?

  5. Just love it how you think you're always right.\

    Must be something about us rednecks, backwoods people, hicks, whatever you want to call us, that you hate.

  6. Is that the whole story?
    I do not hate you or anyone else. I hate neglected animals sufferring.

  7. Ok first off. AC was not here because I HAD to give her up. I don't know where you got that information from. I called Vernan and asked him to be here when they got here. As so did Teresa. I DID NOT have to sign her over.
    Jan, you showing up after the vet left here makes you know better than Ashley. Both of you know the truth.But only one of you (not meaning you either Jan)is willing to tell the truth.
    There is nothing wrong with my horses. I don't understand you. One day Karma is going to bite you so hard that know one is going to be able to help you. So please if it makes you feel that much better, keep telling your lies

  8. As an onlooker from overseas, this is dreadful and you are all a bunch of ignorant, catty wannabes except for FlyingHorse2 who from what I can see is only trying to help a dreadfully neglected horse who should never have been allowed to reach the distressing situation that she did.

    Anyone who condones or supports the person who allowed this to happen to any animal is as bad as the lowlife themselves.

    It's a pity you can't all direct your petty politics towards doing good instead of ranting on like crazed nutters. No wonder the good 'ol US of A is in such a crappy mess if you are indicative of how Americans deal with small scale situations like this.

    Forget all your little power trips and just set about doing what you can to help the horses instead of bitching and criticising the world after you've done the wrong thing.

    Please give Lady Angelica a big hug from a distant ally and hope she continues to do well.

    For the record: I am no one's 'follower', I just watch all the goings on and decide for myself and from where I'm sitting, the Ambers (and her 'supporters') of this world only succeed in making themselves look stupid (to the whole world), especially after causing the problem in the first place (or by not doing anything to change it).

  9. My passion for this case has not ended because the mare that had her ear amputated because it was close to rotted off. I know she is safe and being cared for by medical staff that cares what happens to her and I have paid many of her expenses. My worry is the dogs that were in such an emaciated condition still on that property and horses that are so underweight that in a month's time they will be down to a 2 on the neglected scale of measures. I will continue to pursue this case although I believe it may have died with the sheriff's deputy that was killed in the line of duty by a totatlly unrelated psychopath. I still have to ask where the rabies certificates and county tags for those emaciated dogs are?

  10. I'm just an innocent bystander as well.

    But for crying out loud - It's frigging JANUARY! I live in South Texas, and I don't have grass, either. So blow off. "Not having grass" doesn't mean horses automatically starve. To whomever caused Ladybug to be in such horrid health, I'd invite you to my house to prove it, but you might blow a jealous gasket at the image of two fat & healthy horses that don't need grass to survive.

    WHOEVER let her get to where the ear was as messed up as the pictures show - I hope your ear faces the same fate.

    {Notice I didn't put a name on it - whoever gets the most irate defending the conditions is probably to blame...}

  11. Jennifer you are so right. And I would love to see the lady that owned her at the time for her ear to fall off. That being said. Jan, you keep doing what you feel is best. But when you show me a horse or a dog on this property that is in as bad as shape as you are making them out the be then I will give them way. But untill then. Keep doing what you are doing.

  12. Ok, TBarA how about you humor us? Tell us the whole story and your side. All that I'm hearing is "That isn't what happened." "No one knows my side", etc. Well, lets hear it! How about posting pictures of ALL of your animals and tell us about them? The only way to clear your name and stop this is to prove Jan wrong. With Jan's permission I invite you to do so here. Link us to proof of what happened to Ladybug as you said what has been posted isn't correct. Also to proof of the care you provide for your animals. Are you agreeable Jan? By doing so you can clear all of this up and erase all suspection related to you and your name.

  13. Tired of it. LOL You think you are tired of IT. I am tired of it. I am done. I am not goin to tell you guys what happen again and again and again. For that matter Teri, even has posted about everythin and you guys called her a lier as well.

  14. Amber can post what she'd like. I haven't deleted her yet.
    Yes, Amber said this horse was attacked at her friends place. From her accounts she picked up the horse 2 days later because her friend would not get a vet out. Amber picked up the horse and took it home and then posted that she needed to know what home remedies would help this mare. Then she asked people to send her money because she could not afford to get a vet out either. A complete stranger from another state paid for the vet to come but it was, by Amber's story, EIGHT freakin' days after the attack. By then Amber had also posted that the ear area smelled and what could that be? Rotting flesh is what most told her. By then it was too late to do any suturing of course and by then not only the ear but all of the other wounds were abcessing and continuing to rot. The vet washed it out gave Amber antibiotic to administer and then Amber left her home for at least 2 days to attend a horse auction with her friend. I met Amber the day the vet had been there. I drove her to her friends. I did not show shock and disgust while I was at Amber's because I felt the mare needed to get out of there fast and then we could have animal control take care of the emaciated dogs. Her boyfriend showed up at a store with yet another emaciated dog in a steel hunting dog contraption in the back of his truck. It was approximately 50 degrees and the dog didn't even lift it's head when you spoke sweetly to it. The only way you could tell it was alive was because it was shivering uncontrollably from riding in the back of a pickup truck in the cold.
    I would like to know where Amber or her friend posted the story of what 'really' happened. I did not know Amber prior to this and I met her because I didn't think from the posts for home remedies and the 'why does it stink' posts on a public horse forum, were real. I wanted to help but I've been scammed before and most animal lovers do get scammed from time to time. I drove 2 hours to Amber's house to see if this horse existed. After seeing the dogs, I opted not to give Amber any money as it was clear, it would not be used for the animals. Maybe buying another one at the horse auction but certainly not used to vet care.
    Amber has sent pictures of one of her dogs to everyone. It's a reddish brown and white pit and in the pictures it looks fat, happy and floppy earred. Everyone said oh my Jan was lying. The problem with that picture is while I agree it was the same pit that I saw, it was not fat, happy or FLOPPY EARRED. The dog's ears were altered because when I saw him, they were small and pointed. Aesthetically altered ears. A vet procedure done just for looks, but there was no money to get a vet out to help a horse which Amber says she picked up from her friends so she could help the horse' injuries.
    Now, please send out some more old pictures of your dogs. Especially that the two you said were brother and sister and the brother, though thin was not nearly as emaciated as his sister. How about a picture of the right hind leg of the dog who has a tumor hanging from its ankle the size of a golfball and please tell us you had that checked by a vet and it's nothing. Maybe it is but unless the blood supply to the tumor was very advanced, the tumor would be removed so it was not swinging freely about the dogs leg. That procedure would cost less than having a dog's ears altered for the sake of looks.
    I don't care if she's tired of it. So are those all those thin horses and emaciated dogs.

  15. Amber- then grow up, get your own blog, and have your own whiney fest there. Cry & fuss & moan that "We're all out to get you." Blogger is FREE - so you won't even need to beg for donations. Easy to use, and you can complain ALL day long about being teased & accused. Please feed your four-legged kids, then c'mon & blogit!

    Why are you so defensive anyways? You wanted LadyBug to get better, right? And she is, right?

    Now.. Let's get back to the Show Judging reviews, shall we? I've got a show season to prepare for, and I'm eager to learn! :)

  16. Well thank you, TBarA. When given a chance to explain your side of the story and show us the truth, you have opted to shut the door and walk away. So we will leave it at Jan's words being the God's sworn truth.

    May God Bless you and your animals.

  17. Jan, what side is the proper side to stand when showing showmanship at the starting cone?
    Such as if the Judge is on the off side (right) of the horse, is the left side proper, as to not impede the judges view? If the judge is on the nearside at the start of the pattern, is the off-side the proper side?

    What if the pattern is a straight pattern, such as all of the cones are in a row, so the judge is standing in line with the horse at the starting cone, what is the proper side to stand on?

  18. Oh Wow! So sad to hear that there are folks out there that are this ignorant! I know there are, but this girl has no story/pics to back up her tale...(TALL tale)!
    At least you got that horse to a rescue. I hope someone can get to the dogs. Sounds like this lady will just keep buying horses. Amber, if you do, (and if you don't have vet funds, I suggest you don't) perhaps you should be prepared for the care and money that having animals entails. Begging for money online? WOW.
    Refer back to Cheval Noire's comment, because she put all of this so eloquently that I just want to say, ditto to her comment! Keep up your work at the rescue. And the judging, I love those posts!


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