Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow So what have we learned from my last couple of posts?

First again, I apologize for such a long abscence. I appreciate everyone who reads along.

To update everyone, Lady Angelica is doing well. She is healing and is such a sweet mare. We've had a terrible cold snap going on down here in Florida for the past two weeks plus which has taken it's toll on water pipes, pumps, horse blankets and caregivers. We just aren't equipped here to deal with cold snaps longer than a few days. Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue has not been without their share of cold weather problems but one fantastic thing about this cold weather has been that we have had virtually NO flies for the duration! With our weather, we have flies year round but with our daytime temperatures being barely above 50, it's been good. This has really helped to facilitate a healthy healing enviroment for Angelica's wounds.

Angelica thanks you for all your well wishes, prayers, healing white light and whatever other jingles and such that have been sent her way. She is estimated to be around 18 to 20 years old and is just the sweetest mare to work with on the ground. She stands well to have her wounds, including her ear cleaned and medicated. This has been a godsend as you cannot halter her or use a lead around her neck to keep her in place.

She loves walking around and visiting the other horses but in the evening she wants to be in her big box stall! She has a big shuttered window in the back of her stall where her gelding suitors come to visit. It's really quite endearing and she has come a long way in just about a month's time.

As for animal control in Dixie county, I just have to say that they are lacking greatly in managing this case. Almost ALL of the evidence involving the neglect of this mare, came directly from written word, spoken word and pictures from the OWNER, herself and yet they seem to be trying to figure out if this is actual neglect. It clearly falls into that catagory by definition of the Florida State law  but then again, I've been made aware of the fact that the good old boy network does live on in Dixie, County Florida Apparently, although the animal control officer is seemingly new to the office, they are not new to Amber Hyder and seem to keep company with others closely associated to Amber Hyder, the former, neglectful owner of this mare. I've even tried to push them to pursue the skinny dogs also located on the property that I saw when I was there, if for no other reason than lack of mandatory rabies and county tags. Please feel free to use this link for the contacts to DIXIE COUNTY FLORIDA ANIMAL CONTROL Send them a snail mail, phone in a question, email them or whatever. Snail mail is nice because you can send it along and if a whole mail bag shows up, someone is going to have to answer to the volume of inquiries at least but that's just my preference regarding them.

So to the title of this post....what have we learned? Well, I learned that Kathy of the  Fugly Horse of the Day Blog has featured Amber Hyder twice now in her blog. I was unaware of the first Fugly 'award' and someone brought it to my attention that because of Angelica's story, she recieved a second Fugly 'award'. I'm greatful to Kathy and the Fugly Blog for bringing a wide range of attention to Angelica's story and Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue. Donations are always needed and a kind word left in their guestbook is much appreciated also. Especially since Amber took it upon herself to use the guestbook for her own personal rants since this happened. The farther back into the archives we can push her ranting, the better.

I've also learned that I'm an okay fundraiser! I donated a bronze sculpture of mare and foal which we auctioned on ebay. That item brought in $153 which we were very excited to see. I have more items listed on ebay and 100% of the sale money goes to Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue directly! I will continue to list things as I come across them or whip them up from my sewing room. Please check out our latest sales and let me know if there is something you would like to see. I sew just about everything for horses from polo wraps, saddle pads and fleece sheets like the one Angelica is wearing in the picture above to western, english, fun show and barn clothing.

I've also opened a webstore called Beauty's Haven Boutique! At present time we can only list five items for sale so what I've done is to set it up so that you pick a blank item. T-shirt, sweatshirt, apron, and tote bags; then you go to the photo album and pick a design to have printed on your item; then pay securely through paypal ( you do not have to have a paypal account set up and linked to your bank account if you don't want that; credit cards, debit cards and echecks also accepted). Send your order and voila! Every penny over cost to make these items is donated directly to Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue!

Well I've learned tons more than what I just wrote but I think that's enough for today. I will be back to talk about types of abuses you may see in the show ring and how to handle them. I think that ties the saga of Angelica's story together with what this blog was originally inteneded and then maybe I can get my mind back on the judging track!

Again, thank you to everyone who picked up and posted this story on your blogs, sent donations, prayers, jingles, healing white light, good thoughts and everything in between! I was afraid I was beating my head against a wall and screaming in silence but you all were right there helping in your many ways too! I applaud your efforts and help. If I can ever be of any assistance and get a story out that you need to help with, don't hesitate to ask! The internet sure was powerful and LOUD in this case. For that, beautiful Angelica is alive today!


  1. Wonderful news about Angelica! Nice job! And, it's good to have you were missed.

  2. Kickin Ass and Taking Names ;)

    Thats what we do...hehe

    Rubs to Her Highness, and keep us posted when you can. Welcome back too!


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