Friday, January 15, 2010

Who would interfere with fundraising for an equine rescue?

Well, yesterday after many hours of work from myself and another volunteer we were able to set up a new webstore for Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue. I buy and make the items at wholesale cost and 100% of the profit is donated to BHFER.

Unfortunately this morning I find on my email where the former owner of Lady Angelica, Amber Hyder, took it upon herself to join the members area of that site and misuse yet another forum. So I"ve had to limit who can join the site. That really is sad as the members area would have been a very good marketing tool, not to mention the fact, that the sales from those items help pay for the rather large vet bills that Amber's former horse has incurred. I really should have set more security measures on the members page as I figured she would do this after using the guestbook on the BHFER website as her personal rant forum.

 Now she decides to leave more remarks on the comments of one of my previous posts. No need to delete them as I figure everyone should just see her response. No doubt she'll keep cropping up like a poisonous weed in your horses' paddock.

So for now, I'll shamelessly plug the website another volunteer and myself set up to help raise money for Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue. Mention you saw it on my blog and you'll get free shipping through January 31. 2010. Beauty's Haven Boutique.


  1. Ya know, if she'd just devote some time to DOING things, like, oh I dunno--- cleaning up, promoting her hoof care practice (gag), WORKING, or Heaven Forbid- Be A Parent I bet she wouldn't have time to haunt the internet continuously seeking out petty BS. You know- nothing like having a LIFE (or working to make a life) aside from what you want to pretend to be on the internet....

  2. People need to stop seeing this blogger as a "godly" person! The only REASON why she is working at BHFER is so she can get that horse on her piece of trash property! Yall are seriously stupid for believing this psychotic woman! She doesn't need to have another horse in her hands- seriously.

  3. Ok. This is Amber!
    I have sat back and watched everyone go on and on about the Ladybug incident. And was not going to stoop to your level, but being that every time someone post a comment on a website and what they think about it, you go straight to the OMG it is Amber.She is using another name. You must wake up and realize that not everyone believes what you say.Not everyone things that I am a piece of dirt.Some people have taken the time to get to know me as a person not someone on the other side of a computer.That yes, doesn't spell the greatest,and doesn't write everything just perfect.But there are people out there that over look the spelling and punctuation.There are people out there that know what kind of person you really are. So that kills you to know that they are siding with me and not you. I know what happen with LadyBug. I don't have to prove myself to you or anyone else.
    But that being said. I just wanted to post to let you know that this is the first time I have posted on any of the websites about the issue. And this will be the last. So that said. Have a wonderful day and God bless you.

  4. I am going to step up and say that I didn't say or do anything on that fundraiser site to hurt, harm or bad mouth you or anyone else. The only thing I posted and that was an email. Was thanking you for looking at my myspace page as much as you have. So if that is putting the website in harm then I am sorry.


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