Thursday, January 6, 2011

Squirrel Evictanator!

Okay, another off topic post but I wanted to share this little tidbit of info with others who may not know it. I surely didn't.
So I have had a problem with squirrels getting into the tack room and now the feed room. Nothing I have built, fenced in, painted with smelly or foul tasting stuff, nothing....has worked!!
It was time for our bug man to come out and clean the eaves of the house and put down the new 'barrier' spray for termites (we have them by the ton here in Florida year round.). I asked him if they dealt with larger pests, such as squirrels. He told me yes, I told him where and was given an estimate of $250 to have them eradicated and with a guarantee. I thought that was a bit expensive and how could they guarantee they wouldn't come back? I was told they would install what they referred to as an 'evictor' light which is a light that puts out random flashes and sometimes stay on for a minute or so just like someone switching a light on and off and sometimes a strobe effect. Hmmmm, I told him I'd have to ask my husband if we had the money for that and he went on to his next job.
Then I got in the car and drove to a party supply shop and bought 2 strobe lights that have little dials on them to set the pattern at random or noise activation or whatnot. For 2 of them, it was $30. I'm thinking of going into the 'squirrel eviction' business. There seems to be quite the mark up for profit.
I would think this could also work for raccoons, opossums, rats, bats (although I like bats here with our mosquito population), maybe even mice too. I would make sure that you put some weather stripping on the bottom of the door and make sure windows are blacked out somehow so it doesn't drive your horse insane.
So in case this has never been a problem in your attic or barn or wherever, you're lucky. For those who didn't know this, head to the party store to stock up for your next 'squirrel eviction' party.
An 'on topic' post is coming soon I promise. I've been busy being the squirrel evicta-nator!!  

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